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Red buttocks

Red buttocks, also known as diaper rash, are a very common problem in infants. Children between 8 and 10 months are usually the most affected by this problem, it is manifested by wet patches, or dry, and sometimes with pimples that form on the skin over the entire area of ​​the diaper. The skin is red and irritated, which will greatly impede the infant who will often cry.

Diaper rash usually lasts between 2 to 4 days especially when the problem is quickly treated, but can sometimes last longer ... a week or more.
It is not inevitable ... without being always inevitable. Many babies suffer at a time, if it is the case for yours you will notice it easily.
Insufficient diaper change is very often linked to your child's red buttocks.

The redness is often on the baby's genitals, on her thighs and buttocks. Even if they are not serious, they remain very unpleasant for the baby who feels burning and tingling.

It also happens that cracks placed in the folds of the skin are formed, it is called intertrigos. If diaper rash is not treated, it may spread to the upper thighs and small fungi may form.

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