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The keys to a fulfilling sexuality: The testimony of Myriam

"I reached orgasm the day I really fell in love!" Testimony of Myriam, 32 years old.

Until I was 25, I had a lot of relationships, but I had trouble finding my place. I had the impression that if I dared things, I would go for a "s *****", but that if I hesitated, I spent on the contrary for a stuck. I think there is still a lot of bans and prejudices: women are not comfortable because they are afraid of what the other person is going to think, and men are not always in an idea Respect ... So, I could not let go, and I had more the impression to be a spectator of my sexuality than to live it really.

The day I really fell in love, everything changed. He was older than me. I do not know if it played, but for the first time I did not feel judged and this relationship really fulfilled me. She released me. Before I felt a bit like a badly squeezed teenager, in her arms I really felt like a woman. And I never wondered what he would think of me.

We are no longer together today, but this story made me realize that love is a story of trust between two people. It also made me realize the importance of sex, in a relationship but also in life. It puts a lot of things in place. And then with the years, one also acquires experience, one is less afraid ... And today I can say that I am more in phase with myself and with my desires.

The opinion of the sexologist:

"Myriam is the epitome of the maturation of sexuality. Animated by the weight of the received ideas and the guilt, she knew how to free herself from it thanks to this meeting certainly loving, but especially respectful with this man who accompanied it in its liberation vis-a-vis certain constraints of its education. She was able to live her sexuality fully and become a woman! "

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