Water: An indispensable ingredient in life

Just a lack of liquid equivalent to 2% of the total weight to cause dehydration that can affect our physiology. A person who is dehydrated first feels fatigue, difficulty concentrating, memory, headaches and in the long term constipation and circulation problems, etc.

Our body can not survive more than three days without water supply. It is therefore essential to be vigilant with two categories of people who tend not to drink enough: children and the elderly. At home, the repercussions of dehydration appear faster.

Good to know: 15 myths and facts about water

Drinking does not lose weight

But, if you drink in sufficient quantities, conversely the ingestion of more than three liters of water a day is of no interest to the body.
Of course, as part of a sporting activity, water is essential for hydration: it is necessary to drink regularly during but also before and after the effort. In periods of high heat or heat wave, water supplies must be increased.
But do not think that drinking a lot of water makes you lose weight: drinking does not help you eliminate calories or fat.

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