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The cervical cancer vaccine: the answers to your questions

Cervical cancer is diagnosed in approximately 3, 000 women each year in France. His treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) is often heavy and traumatic.

Fortunately, prevention methods exist, such as fecal screening, or the HPV vaccine ... But here, some questions revolve around this vaccine.

Since 2013, the age of the first vaccination has been advanced in girls as young as 11 years old. There are 2 types of vaccine available in France, but the one that is the most sold on our territory protects against the occurrence of cervical cancer, but also against the occurrence of condyloma.

If this vaccine is effective against the occurrence of cancer, on the other hand it is not 100%. For this reason, it is still recommended that women who have been vaccinated should have a smear regularly (once every 3 years).

Many of you are asking questions about cervical cancer, its symptoms, treatments, etc. It is for this reason that we organized a cat during which Dr. David Elia, a gynecologist, answered all your questions.

See also this video interview on the smear:

What is the purpose of the smear? Does the smear hurt? What to do in case of abnormal result? A gynecologist responds to a true / false on this examination that must be practiced regularly in women ...

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Interview by Ide Parenty.
Last updated: December 2014.

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