The paternity test: The DNA test: for whom and by whom?

Who can do a paternity test?

In France, DNA tests are forbidden at the request of private individuals. However many people do it abroad by ordering over the Internet.

The sampling is very simple, it is made using a sort of stick finished with a cotton to take a little saliva, and cells from the inside of the cheek. The whole is sent to a laboratory abroad which communicates the results a few weeks later.

It should be known that these results are not admitted by the French justice. In addition, the reliability of the analyzes is not guaranteed. Finally, anyone who contravenes this practice risks a year in prison and a fine of € 15, 000, according to article 226-28 of the Penal Code, as well as the confiscation of his shipment by the customs.

DNA tests: for whom?

For a filiation test to be undertaken, a judge's order must be obtained only in the case of a judicial proceeding for the purpose of determining or challenging a relationship. Also, whatever the reason for doing this test of filiation, it is first necessary to file a petition to the High Court of his place of residence. The judge will then decide to give a favorable result or not.

Agreement for a DNA test?

It is imperative to have the agreement of the people involved. That is why, except exceptional derogation, a test of filiation can not be done after the death of the individual, unless he had given his consent before.

Who pays ?

The note payable is related to the applicant's income. If the people benefit from the legal aid, it is the State, via the public treasury which takes care of it. Otherwise, it is the people who filed the application who will pay the bill.

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