Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the compression of a nerve at the wrist. It results in tingling, tingling in the hands, pain or difficulty in fine finger movements.

This disease is treated by medication or care in a physiotherapist, but quite often a surgical operation is necessary.

The carpal tunnel is a specific region within the wrist and hand. This canal is a kind of gutter formed by the bones of the wrist (carp) closed by a rigid ligament. Inside this canal pass the flexor tendons of the fingers and a very important nerve for the fingers: the median nerve. This one allows the mobility of the thumb and the sensitivity of the first three fingers.

This problem is quite common, but fortunately, the treatments are numerous. Women are more affected than men, especially from the forties. Sometimes these symptoms come to light during pregnancy (and may subside afterwards).

In case of tingling, tingling, finger sensitivity disorders persisting for several days, consultation is recommended. Do not wait before consulting. The recovery will be all the better as the treatment was set up quickly.

Talk to your doctor first. The doctor may prescribe treatment at a physiotherapist, or go to a rheumatologist.

Author: Corinne Soulay.
Expert consultant: Prof. Christian Dumontier, orthopedic surgeon at the Institut de la main and Hôpital Saint-Antoine (Paris).

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