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Spotting: spotting treatments

It is normal to worry about the presence of these irregular little bleeds. Rest assured: in general, the spotting is benign and the bleeding is light and painless.

More embarrassing than painful, benign spotting is very easy to manage every day:

> Avoid aggressive intimate toilets . A vaginal toilet will not remove these small bleeds, and most importantly, you may dry out your vagina and promote the development of vaginal mycosis.

> Pads are avoided. Be careful not to confuse spotting with rules! The bleeding spotting is very light and does not lend itself to tampons. By using these outside of your periods, you will dry your vagina. The buffers will absorb the biofilm containing the beneficial bacteria for your vagina. Your wall will be weakened and conducive to the development of mycosis.

> We protect his underwear. Benin for your health, spotting can however damage your lingerie. To avoid seeing your underwear damaged by spotting, bet on panty liners that will absorb bleeding and avoid stains.

Whether you are panties, thong, shorty or even tanga: know that there are many forms of panty liners. You will find necessarily the one that suits you.

If the spotting persists despite these tips, if the losses change appearance, are odorous, become recurrent or have other symptoms, it is better to consult a doctor because spotting can reflect a more serious health problem.

Ask your gynecologist for advice and do not hesitate to do further examinations.

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? See you in our FORUMS Gynecology or A doctor answers you !

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