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Baby sleep: the sleep cycles

What are the sleep cycles of bbé?

- from 0 to 2 months, the infant sleeps in cycles of 50 minutes. Each cycle consists of a restless phase of sleep (light sleep during which the baby can move, grimace, crying) and a phase of calm sleep (deep sleep, the baby sleeps with closed eyes and regular breathing) ).

- from 2 to 6/9 months, the sleep cycle goes to 70 minutes. It is composed of 3 phases (paradoxical sleep, slow sleep and deep slow sleep).

- after 6 months, the baby sleeps in a cycle of 90 to 120 minutes. Each cycle is composed of 5 phases (very slow slow sleep, light slow sleep, deep slow sleep, very deep slow sleep, REM sleep).

Knowing the mechanism of sleep cycles helps to keep pace with the baby's sleep pattern and needs. During the early stages, the baby prepares for sleep. It is important not to wake him, even if he seems agitated. Similarly, bedtime as soon as it shows signs of fatigue is essential so that it does not miss the "train of sleep" and is forced to wait for the next cycle.

Good conditions for sleeping

For a good sleep, a calm environment is essential. Be careful not to excite the baby too much before putting him to bed.

The calmness and confidence of the mother also influence the quality of the child's sleep, as do the bedtime rituals (a last hug, a kiss, a lullaby) that are there to reassure him.

It is not necessary for the child to have the impression that one hastily gets rid of him. However, do not wait until he is asleep to get out of the room, because the baby must learn early to apprehend the separations.

On the security side, doctors are unanimous today. Sleeping babies on their backs reduces the risk of sudden infant death, as well as banning the use of pillows and duvets. Finally, the temperature of the chamber should ideally be 18 °.

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