Body care: The benefits of exfoliation

Thanks to the action of microbeads, the scrub eliminates dead cells and allows a better oxygenation of the skin. Gummed, the skin absorbs moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients better, more uniformly bronze. The scrub also facilitates hair removal, releasing ingrown hairs.

A weekly scrub is enough. Choose specific products for the body (those for the face are too soft), and proceed by circular massages, from bottom to top; insist on the rough areas (elbows, knees, heels ...), be gentle on sensitive areas (breasts, neck ...).

After an exfoliation, be sure to moisturize the skin!

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Foot care

Mistreated daily by walking and shoes, feet require special care

Once a week, polish your heels with wet pumice, and once a month give them a complete care: hydration, exfoliation with a specific scrub cream, arch massage. If they are really dry, make them a beauty mask: apply a thick layer of calendula cream, then put on cotton socks for the night ... waking up, soft feet guaranteed!

Against fatigue, place your feet under a stream of cold water, and do not hesitate to walk barefoot as soon as you can: it is beneficial for the arch and this promotes blood circulation.

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