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Shiatsu: The benefits of shiatsu

Shiatsu improves the flexibility of muscle tissue, corrects minor skeletal defects, facilitates the harmonious development of the nervous system as well as that of the endocrine glands, stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph.

It is true, however, that the French mainly consult for back problems and stress problems, two great evils of our modern society.

Who practices shiatsu?

Years of study and practice are necessary to master the art of shiatsu, but at the legislative level, no shiatsu diploma is currently recognized in France by the public authorities. Legislation does not allow non-physicians to diagnose or treat shiatsu as a therapy in its own right.

The French Shiatsu Traditional Federation, however, offers a "professional" shiatsu practice: training in 3 years, code of ethics, first aid diploma ...
It is therefore advisable to go to a practitioner who is a member of the Federation.

Finally, be aware that various health-related professions can enrich their practice using shiatsu techniques. Thus a masseur-physiotherapist will be able to perform various massage maneuvers on the meridian and other energetic points, as well as a chiropodist will be able to use shiatsu techniques on the foot and ankle.

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Thanks to the French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu

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