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Shiatsu: The "energy balance"

In order to detect this poor circulation of vital energy, the practitioner performs at the beginning of a shiatsu session an "energetic assessment", in several phases: observation of the subject, listening to the subject in order to check the correspondence between the voice and the morphology, tactile contact through the handshake, discussion with the subject, and possibly, according to the school, taking the 12 Chinese pulses.

How does shiatsu work?

The practitioner presses fingers, more particularly thumbs; in some cases, he may use the palm of his hand, elbow, knee or foot. These pressures are carried out on specific areas of the meridians, called "tsubos". These tsubos correspond to acupuncture points, where the flow of energy can be influenced.

To these pressures can be added specific movements allowing energy stretching and unblocking at the joints, important areas of passage of energy.

As Claude Didier, spokesperson for the French Shiatsu Federation (FFST), emphasizes, Shiatsu is "the concrete and elaborate expression of a natural and instinctive reaction to reach a painful place. ".

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