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The running: tips for beginner and pro

Some run to evacuate the stress, others to keep the shape or the line ... Whatever the reason that pushes to take the best of oneself and to start running. There is only one coach that is worth: pleasure.

In the beginning, running can seem like a difficult sport: learning to run also means being attentive to one's body, its limits and its potentialities. But with a little patience, the body begins to better manage the physical effort. It is then that one starts to draw the benefits and to know the pleasure of the race.

Only here: how to get there? How to reach this point of balance where running rhymes with physical and psychological well-being? Indeed, the most varied advices circulate, processes of training with food ... for the neophytes and for the experienced runners, it is not always easy to find oneself there.

Follow our guide for a good preparation for running . Whether you are a beginner or confirmed jogger, to progress, better recover, activate the metabolism, better equip: discover the information to prepare well and have a head start.

Also learn how to choose the running shoes best suited to your needs. Because yes: The ideal running shoe does not exist, a good running shoe is a shoe that meets the needs of the individual runner.

And finally, boost your race by reading the expert interview : Renaud Roussel, physical trainer, gives us valuable advice on the practice of this endurance sport.

Good to know: how to avoid aches?

Do you want to share, share your experience or ask a question? See you in our FORUM Sport !

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Author: Hélène Hodac.
Expert consultant: Renaud Roussel, physical trainer.

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