The protein diet - hyperprotein diet: A diet that preserves the muscles

The protein diet allows you to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. Since the maintenance of muscle mass requires more energy than maintenance of body fat, the greater the muscle mass, the more energy is burned (even when sleeping) and the more you manage to maintain your weight. slim down.

Another positive point: the proteins are rather satiating. If you consume protein-rich foods at a meal, you are not hungry for several hours, you do not even want to nibble.

Which foods to consume?

The seafood products: shellfish, crustaceans and fish are high in protein and generally low in fat, and these are good for the health, allowing to fight effectively against the cardiovascular diseases.

Meats: prefer lean meats (turkey, chicken, lean beef, offal, ham with no fat) to fatty meats because the fats in the meat are called "saturated".

Lean dairy products: skim milk, cheese and yoghurt at 0% fat.

To do: eat a lot of green vegetables to have enough minerals and trace elements.

There is another form of high protein diet: in the morning, afternoon, afternoon tea and in the evening, we consume a meal replacement high protein, rich in vitamins and trace elements to avoid deficiencies. These substitutes may be prescribed by the nutritionist or the dietitian.

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