The detox diet: The typical week of the detox diet

> Breakfast
Infusion or tea + a fruit of your choice + whole grain bread or whole grain or rice cake.

> Lunch
Portion of lean fish with steam (200g) + steamed vegetables + starchy foods (rice, cereals or whole wheat) + a fresh fruit of your choice.

> Snack
Herbal tea or vegetable juice (tomato, carrot), fruit (apples, pear) without sugar, or dried fruits (nuts, hazelnuts, apricots).

> Dinner
Vegetables (soup, salad, steam) + a slice of rye bread or wholemeal bread + fresh fruit.

In total, there is a lot of common sense advice in this detox diet: more sports, no alcohol, more fruits and vegetables, no drinking or smoking ... All these rules of hygiene can not to do only good. Be careful, however, some principles of this diet are quite "conceptual" and do not necessarily unanimity among all nutritionists.

Also be careful not to continue these dietary rules too long at the risk of being deficient in protein, in particular. Unless you eat enough fish.

Source: To our knowledge, there is no real scientific study evaluating the effectiveness of this regime, especially put forward for commercial purposes. But it is based on known dietary principles.Afssa.

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