Cholesterol-lowering diet: magarin and yogurt can help

In addition to all the dietary advice mentioned above, food products found in mass consumption can contribute to lowering LDL-cholesterol levels in the blood, and in particulate extracting vegetable oils. Thus, products enriched with plant sterols can help lower your cholesterol levels too high. These products could be part of your cholesterol-lowering diet.

These products are found in the fresh food department of supermarkets, they have an impact on cholesterol, and affect its decrease in the digestive tract, which has been found in numerous studies; they have an official claim "lowering cholesterol", granted by the European Health Agency.

These are specialties of major brands (Unilever or Danone) where is written "enriched with sterols or plant stanols", such as margarine (Proactiv®), yoghurt (Danacol®) or dairy specialties.

According to his tastes, we can recommend about 2g a day that can be found in:

  • 2 yogurt,
  • or 20 g of margarine,
  • dairy specialties to drink in small bottles.

A disadvantage: these products are usually quite expensive.

Result in a few weeks: you can get a 10% drop in LDL-cholesterol .

Other foods that can help lower LDL-cholesterol

A consumption of oleaginous fruits (nuts, hazelnuts, almonds ...) also favors the lowering of LDL-cholesterol. Of course you can eat nuts or hazelnut oils which, in the autumn, are perfect for salads. And that will change the olive oil often used in summer. However, be careful not to consume too much, because the risk then would be to gain too much weight.

It should also be noted that the consumption of foods based on soy protein is also recommended.

Discover in pictures the foods to privilege:

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