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Stuffy nose

The stuffy nose is a very common problem, and is a real handicap for many people who suffer from it. Because the problem, when you have a stuffy nose, is that you have to breathe well ...

To have the nose permanently obstructed, even if it does not matter, strongly alters our daily life: it flows or is too dry, one hums, one whistles, it hinders, that breathlessness. short! We can not stand this nose in the middle of the figure.

So, what to do? Why is there a stuffy nose? What are the causes and what are the remedies?
What's the point of the nose? To breathe, of course! Imagine that every day you breathe 20, 000 liters of air. It's actually inspirations and expirations. So when there is obstruction, even this simple vital reflex becomes tiring.

The nose also plays a role in filtering, moistening and warming the inspired air before it enters the lower airways. This role is essential to limit cell aggression.

The nose also plays a major function for the sense of smell. The upper part of the nasal cavity (where the mucosa is thin), is very rich in olfactory receptors. The sense of smell and taste are intimately linked. This is why, when you have a stuffy nose, in addition to a decrease in your sense of smell, you also complain about a decrease in the taste of food.

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