Makeup: the eyes and the mouth

The eyes


In pencil, powder or cream, it subtly shadows the color look.
For a natural make-up, put a light shade on the entire eyelid, then underline the natural hollow with a gray or light brown make-up.
For a sophisticated effect, add a third shade darker to the lash of the eyelashes, then a blush on the underside of the brow bone.

  • Blue eyes: dark blues, rosy whites and orange tones.
  • Green eyes: plum or purple tones, coppery browns and dark greens.
  • Brown eyes: warm tones and intensified by a plum blush.


Mascara is the ideal product to intensify the look in one gesture.
The right gesture: Look up and make up the eyelashes from the root to the tip. For eyelashes in the inner corner of the eye, look outward. For the outer corner, look inward.

On the color side, black matches all iris shades, and gives thicker and longer lashes; he can, however, harden his eyes. Green eyes will be highlighted by purple, purple or green mascara; blue or gray eyes by brown, blue, navy or purple mascara; brown eyes with blue, green or brown mascara.

The eyeliner

It intensely emphasizes the look, but its application requires fingering. Fluid, it is applied with a brush; the cake formula (compact block) is applied with a very fine, wet brush.
We choose the color in harmony with the mascara.

The pencil

Easier to apply than the eyeliner it also allows to highlight the look.
Starting from the outer corner of the eye, draw a line at the edge of the eyelashes, up and down; the inner edge will be barely underlined. to finish, gently fade the pencil to melt the line.
The color will be in harmony with the mascara and the eyeshadow. Light colors and white enlarge the eye

The mouth

The lip pencil

It corrects the natural outline of the mouth and fixes the lipstick. Choose a tone darker than your lipstick.
Start by redrawing the middle of the mouth, up and down. To soften the overly sophisticated effect of the pencil, blend it with a brush.

The lipstick

A lipstick will underline the luster of your lips in a few moments.
Apply it preferably with a brush, from the middle of the mouth to the outside. For a glamorous effect, finish with a touch of gloss in the center.

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