The fetus

You have just learned that you are pregnant and want to follow the progress of your pregnancy - and your baby closely. It's normal ! Fortunately, the development of the fetus is now better and better understood from both an anatomical and physiological point of view.

Discover here the evolution of your baby, month by month, throughout your pregnancy.

The fetus at 1 month

At four weeks, some organs begin to set up. This is the phase of organogenesis. Outlines of the stomach and heart appear. One can even perceive the first heart beat of the fetus.

However, the members do not really stand out. The nervous system is developing. The embryo floats in the amniotic cavity connected to the embryo by the umbilical cord, then in formation.

At the end of the first month of pregnancy, the embryo measures 2 to 5 mm.

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The fetus at 2 months

The fetal brain develops, just like the liver, stomach and pancreas. The outline of the vertebral column begins to individualize, the arms and the legs lengthen, the first muscular fibers are put in place.

On the sense side, the ears and the tip of the nose are outlined, but the embryo does not hear, and does not see yet. The embryo bathes in an aqueous universe, in the amniotic fluid. It is thus protected against possible shocks.

At the end of the 2nd month of pregnancy, the embryo measures about 3 cm, and weighs 10 grams.

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