Oocyte donation: Donation is voluntary, anonymous and free

In France, oocyte donation, like all donations of elements of the human body, is governed by the law of bioethics *.

The donation must be made with the will of the donor, without pressure from those around her or from her family. Donors and recipients can not come into contact or know each other's identity.

In addition, the law specifies that no relationship can be established between the donor and the child of the donation, since the latter is entirely that of the couple of recipients.
Donors can not receive any compensation or compensation in return. On the other hand, they benefit from the assumption of all the expenses occasioned by the donation (hospital expenses, medical expenses ...).

The consent form that the donor signs before the donation is not sealed: she can return to it and terminate it at any time, until the use of her oocytes.

* Bioethics Law of 2013.


Many oocyte donations are practiced abroad (Belgium, Italy, Spain ...) for various reasons, in particular because of shorter wait times for the recipient ...

Women who want to be pregnant often go with a woman who is ready to give oocytes (without the oocytes benefiting directly to the recipient). Abroad, women who donate oocytes may be paid for their donation.

Moreover, many forums on the Internet talk about these donations of oocytes abroad, the women who will give their eggs are called "fairies".

Attention, as we have seen, the French regulations are quite strict, especially for reasons of safety and health. It is not uncommon for women to start their pregnancy abroad at an age of over 39 (prohibited in France by this method).

Attention, in case of late pregnancy, some health risks are increased (diabetes, high blood pressure ...), hence the importance of proper medical supervision from the beginning of pregnancy (and even before conception).

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