The outbreak of childbirth

The initiation of childbirth is carried out by medical necessity ... but also sometimes by "convenience".

So in what cases exactly is this practice used? How exactly is it? And what are the potential risks? Here is everything you need to know about the birth of your baby.

The different reasons to start giving birth

First there are the medical reasons on the side of the mother or the fetus. Due to specific problems in the mother: heart failure or renal failure, conditions aggravated by pregnancy (diabetes), pregnancy-related conditions ...
In the future baby, there are also some problems that can trigger the delivery. Exceeding the term (after 41 completed weeks of pregnancy) is the main reason for this decision.

There is also the outbreak of childbirth called "convenience" . It is then a personal decision of the parents and the doctor who intervenes often for organizational reasons (presence of the father, fatigue, care of the other children, management of the schedule of deliveries in the maternity ...).
This trigger is made from 39 weeks of amenorrhea. But of course, the medical team ensures the "feasibility" of a medical point of view of this triggered delivery: pregnancy at term, mature neck, uterus not compromised, correct presentation of the child, etc.

Methods to trigger childbirth

There are different processes used that are sometimes associated:

  • The infusion of oxytocin, a hormone that triggers contractions.
  • The application against the cervix prostaglandin, often in the form of gel.
  • The detachment of the membranes can also be proposed (but this method can be painful).

The risks of giving birth

When giving birth, for the baby, there would be no more risk than during a normal delivery, if the indications are well posed.

For mom, contractions can be more painful. An epidural is usually used. The delivery can be a little longer. And sometimes, despite the drugs, the delivery fails to "get going". It will start again.

There may be an intolerance, vaginal irritation to the prostaglandin.

These drugs causing childbirth, can cause more or less serious side effects: such as cardiovascular disorders or blood clotting.

But there is no need to worry unnecessarily, the supervision of the mother and her baby is reinforced at the outbreak of childbirth.

Our advices

  • The outbreak of childbirth is primarily proposed for medical reasons, and if the caregivers advocate for these reasons, it is essential to submit to it.
  • Trigger for convenience must at all costs be shared and especially accepted by the obstetrical team and you.

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