Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is a rare, malignant tumor that usually affects a fairly young man. It is sometimes bilateral. The testes being palpable glands, the presence of a tumor can theoretically be detected early in the course of the disease .

This cancer can metastasize, that is to say that cancer cells can migrate to the ganglia and to other organs especially the lungs, the bones.

Testicular cancer is generally of good prognosis, including in metastatic forms. The 5-year relative survival is almost 100% for localized forms, and greater than 70% for metastatic forms.
However, the prognosis depends on its histological type (that is to say, the type of cells that make up the cancer), and the stage of evolution of the disease: the size of the tumor, the existence or not of an invasion. ganglion, and the presence or absence of metastases.

Treatment is the removal of the affected testicle. Complementary chemotherapy or radiotherapy are not always justified. Regardless of the stage of testicular cancer and the treatment being considered, post-treatment surveillance is essential for many years.

Sperm preservation is proposed because the treatments are not devoid of side effects and can be sterilizing.
The death rate from testicular cancer has halved over the last 20 years, thanks to improved treatments.

Just as women are invited to self-test their breasts, men should learn to perform testicular self-examination regularly. Thus, the tumors could be detected early in their development and the treatment would be all the more effective.

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