Duck: it's good for your health?

Its culinary assets and its status of gourmet meat make duck meat very popular with fans. With 3.5 kg / inhabitant / year, France is today the first nation in the world for its consumption of roast duck.

There are three main species of ducks. Two of them can be used to be roasted. Barbarie and Peking for roasting duck, the Mulard is used for the production of foie gras.

The Barbary duck says "skinny duck"

Barbary duck is the main species of roast duck produced in France. This "lean duck" was domesticated by the South Amerindians, then introduced by the Spaniards in Europe in the 16th century. The taste qualities of its flesh have contributed a lot to the development of the consumption of duck meat. Barbary duck is renowned for the quality of its meat, with a pronounced musky taste.

The duck of Beijing

Common duck from Asia, it derives its name from its country of origin. Although not widespread in France, its production is mainly in Brittany and is largely exported to Europe.

The Mulard duck says "fat duck"

Sterile hybrid from the crossing of the Barbary duck and a cane of Beijing. Its interbreeding makes it possible to obtain a duck which has the faculty to develop an excellent foie gras.

Practical information and cooking

Ducks generally weigh from 1.5 kg to almost 3 kg for larger ones, and can sustain between 4 and 6 people .

It is advisable to choose poultry whose bones are completely solidified, the flesh sufficiently developed, that is to say rather voluminous, fat, and therefore tasty.

Primarily from breeding, the duck is therefore available for sale throughout the year, although it will be easier to find from May. Regarding wild duck such as mallard, it is available when the hunt is open from August to February.

This red-fleshed poultry, easy to cook, is comfortable with different cooking methods : roasted, grilled, pan-fried, sautéed, braised. It also lends itself very well to cooking on the barbecue that will give it a brown color and crispy skin that will delight your taste buds ...

Author: Cécile Dulion.
Expert consultant: Dr. Hervé Robert, nutritionist.

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