The 9th month of pregnancy

And here you are, at 9 months of pregnancy, your pregnancy comes to an end. Whether you are impatient or anxious about childbirth , you are certainly asking yourself many questions about what lies ahead in recent days - or weeks ...

Here is some information on the progress of this 9th month of pregnancy, the last, between the 37th and the 41st week of amenorrhea .

At 9 months of pregnancy, baby is preparing to see the day. It weighs about 2.4 kg and measures 45 cm at the 37th SA. It does not have a lot of room to move! This may explain why you feel it less in late pregnancy.
Beware, however, a significant decrease or total disappearance of its movements, will require a consultation at the maternity.

In recent weeks, he takes about 20 g per day, and his body is slowly getting rid of vernix and down (lanugo) that cover it to protect it. It becomes more sensitive to noises, or situations of discomfort. Your lifestyle therefore has a direct impact on your baby, such as the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

The lungs continue to develop, just as the brain will continue to mature beyond birth.

At the 40th SA, your baby weighs about 3.3 kg, and measures 50 cm: he is ready to be born! In 95% of cases, it will be positioned with the head down on the day of delivery. If he has not turned naturally, or with the aid of a medical maneuver, then the delivery will be by the seat or by the feet, or by means of a caesarean section.

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