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Abortion (abortion): in young girls

A special place for underage girls who are particularly protected by law. Indeed :

The law allows any pregnant woman, including a minor, who does not want to continue a pregnancy to ask a doctor to terminate her pregnancy

Parental consent is therefore preferable but not mandatory. If the consent of the parents is not collected, the girl will designate with the help of the doctor or the social worker, an adult who will accompany him in his steps.

When the girl is still in school, the infirmary is sometimes the appropriate place to start the process.

The consultations:

The first consultation with the doctor should be between the doctor and the girl only. Again, parental consent is not needed to make this appointment.

The psycho-social consultation is compulsory for the minors, it allows a psychological support and to take stock on the social situation ... It is a privileged moment to supplement its information on the contraception, the sexuality, and the sexually transmitted diseases .

A post-abortion consultation-interview is also planned. It will above all help to put in place appropriate contraception and put in place, if necessary, psychological support.

Documents to be provided by the minor woman to perform an abortion:

  • the psycho-social consultation certificate;
  • his written confirmation of an abortion request;
  • the consent of one of his or her parents (or the legal representative), or in the absence of parental consent, the attestation of the accompanying adult's choice.

Reimbursement :

The abortion is supported 100% without advance costs.

As no fees can be charged to underage girls, parents' social security will cover the costs. And if the parents are not aware, a procedure of mask-anonymity is provided, and the company will take care of the remaining 20% ​​(thanks to the General Council).

For minor women without parental consent, the law provides for completely anonymous and free care .

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