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The gastric band: The body mass index (BMI)

The gastric band is not indicated for people who are slightly overweight. It will be done in people who have significant obesity - based on body mass index (BMI), and when other solutions have not been able to give satisfactory results. Other clinical and psychological criteria are also analyzed.

BMI is the ratio of weight in kg to square of height in m²:

  • A person is said to be overweight if the BMI is greater than 25
  • If the BMI is greater than 30, we are talking about moderate obesity .
  • If it is greater than 35, it is called severe obesity .
  • If it is greater than 40, we talk about morbid obesity .

BMI: Calculate your ideal weight!

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Preoperative consultations

Before the intervention, a person who wishes to be asked a gastric band will have a series of medical consultations with several specialists: cardiologist, nutritionist, endocrinologist, psychiatry ... It must be made clear to the patient that the gastric band is not not a panacea for obesity weight loss will not be miraculous or definitive if it does not take care of itself and if it does not change its behavior with respect to food.

Change eating behaviors

After the intervention, it is necessary to learn to eat well, to know the composition of food, to compose meals balanced in calories, lipids, proteins, sugars, vitamins and trace elements, the good behavior of food must be re-learned; help from a nutrition specialist may be needed.

In addition, avoid all situations that cause dilation of the stomach: it is necessary to take the habit of eating slowly, to chew well, not to drink during meals; soft drinks are not recommended.

In pictures: 10 rules for a healthy and balanced diet

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