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Breastfeeding: sources and notes

WHO Report: Maternal and Newborn Care in the Postpartum: A Practical Guide "- 1999.

National Health Nutrition Program 2006-2010 presented by Professor Hercberg to the Minister of Health - April 2006.

La Leche Ligue, information and support for breastfeeding.

La Leche League, The Breastfeeding Treaty.

The Great Book of Pregnancy, French National College of Gynecologists, Eyrolles, 2015-2016.

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Baby's health: the health book - Be A Parent
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Baby's health: the health book

It is delivered by the midwife or the nursery nurse to the parents on the day of the maternity leave. It is a medical document to keep carefully. At each consultation, the doctor will note various observations; thus all the information concerning the health of the child will be recorded there, making it possible to make the link between the various doctors who will take care of your child
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breastfeeding - Be A Parent
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More and more women breastfeed or want to do so, sometimes with some reluctance for fear of the unknown, for fear of not being able to cope, or for fear of the possible inconvenience of breastfeeding, with typical interrogations like ... How, how often, in what position to breastfeed? What to eat during the breastfeeding period
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The baby growth chart - Be A Parent
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The baby growth chart

Monitoring of height, weight, and head circumference provides a good indication of the baby's health and vitality during the first year. Often, the growth of a child with health or eating disorders is slowed down. At each consultation, the doctor measures and weighs the baby. The results are then plotted on the indicative curves in the health record
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