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The gifted adult

We talk a lot about gifted children ... sometimes forgetting that they grow up to become a day: a gifted adult!

Being gifted does not mean having a superior intelligence, but a different intelligence than normal. Some skills can be advanced - such as memory, intuition, logico-mathematical and visuospatial intelligence - and other normal or even lower than normal.

The diagnosis of High Intellectual Potential (HP) can be suspected by the interrogation but is confirmed by an Intellectual Quotient. The latter, however, is criticized since it does not evaluate all types of intelligence. The gifted adult is also characterized by the following signs: hyper-lucidity and hypersensitivity, paradoxically associated with a feeling of shift from others and a lack of self-confidence.

Stereotyping means that one imagines everything gifted to the image of Einstein or Mozart. But the geniuses, even if they exist, are rather few. This is why the term High Potential (or HP) is closer to the current reality.

To avoid the terms of intellectual superiority ("over" gifted, "high" potential) some even prefer to speak of zebras, wild animals with skilfully arranged stripes.

How can we measure High Potential?

There are tests that measure the Intellectual Quotient (IQ). The best known are the matrices of Raven, Catell, Binet, Wais (Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale), or Wechsler which is the most frequently used and whose maximum figure is 160. The obtained IQ does not have the same value according to the type of test, because the scales of measurement are not identical. That is, an adult with Binet's 134 test will get another score if he passes the Wechsler test.

We speak of High Potential (or gifted) from 125 or 130 Intellectual Quotient on the Wais test. As the number increases (with a maximum of 160), fewer people are in the category.

Warning : the tests offered on the Internet are in no way revealing the intellectual abilities of individuals. They will not give a precise result to evaluate a gifted adult.

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Author: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy
Expert consultant: Claire d'Adhémar, neuropsychologist specializing in supporting children and adults with high potential.

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