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Acupuncture: contraindications and side effects

It can not be repeated enough: acupuncture in no way replaces Western medicine; on the contrary, it is there to reinforce it, or in addition to it.

And just like a medicine or Western medicine treatment, acupuncture can cause certain side effects and even be contraindicated in some cases (although this is rare).


It is up to the acupuncturist to judge, on a case by case basis, the desirability of a treatment. He must especially ensure that there is no particular organic lesion (infection, tumor ...) for which another treatment is indicated. In short, before considering treatment with acupuncture, it is necessary to have an accurate diagnosis.

In case of pregnancy : acupuncture can have many benefits during pregnancy, but it is also during pregnancy that some acupuncture points are prohibited to avoid the risk of triggering a premature delivery.
It is therefore advisable to discuss with your doctor about the possibility of acupuncture, and in particular to choose an acupuncture practitioner who is well versed in the indications for pregnancy and who has received specific training on this subject.

>> See also our article on acupuncture and pregnancy !

The side effects

Side effects caused by acupuncture are rather rare. The places and points treated can present:

  • temporary redness,
  • a feeling of warmth, a local pain,
  • hematoma (rarely),

In rare cases, acupuncture can cause fatigue, a feeling of discomfort.

Good to know :

  • Very often after 3 and 5 sessions of acupuncture treatment, you should start to observe some effects.
  • The relaxing effect is major in some patients. Some of them may fall asleep during a session.

Important: in the case of treatment (by classical medicine) for a specific health problem, this treatment should not be stopped without the doctor's consent.

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