Vitamin B12: the symptoms of a lack of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and weight. When the deficiency becomes more severe, it causes tingling in limbs, difficulty walking and memory problems ...

With age, the absorption process of vitamin B12 becomes more difficult: people of old age can therefore suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin. In the elderly, this vitamin B12 deficiency is mainly manifested by mood and memory disorders. Patients with chronic bowel disease, or who have undergone total or partial surgical removal of the stomach (for weight loss, for example), may suffer from a lack of vitamin B12 if they do not do not take any dietary supplements containing this vitamin ...

It is also possible that vegans develop vitamin B12 deficiencies, since the foods that contain them are mostly of animal origin. In particular, pregnant or breastfeeding vegan women should make sure that their babies get enough vitamin B12.

In case of severe deficiency of vitamin B12, the doctor can prescribe to the patient of food supplements to increase the quantities of this vitamin present in the body.

To refuel and prevent a lack of vitamin B12 and other vitamins, here is a list of vitamin-rich foods:

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