Tendinitis of the elbow

Elbow tendonitis is a fairly common health problem . But be careful, it is because you feel pain in the elbow that you suffer from tendonitis.

This tendonitis affects the outer compartment of the elbow (or the top of the elbow). It is also called "tennis elbow", because it sometimes concerns tennis players. However, this pain is not just for athletes.

In medical terms, we speak of epicondylitis, because it is an inflammation of the epicondyle of the elbow, that is to say the external bone of the elbow, on which tendons and muscles are inserted. that control certain movements of the hand and wrist.

In case of pain in the elbow, it is of course to consult a doctor to have an accurate diagnosis, and especially to know the origin. It should also be known that elbow pain can be caused by a cervical problem, or sometimes the shoulder ... or may be related to other osteo-articular diseases affecting the elbow (traumatic, inflammatory, metabolic .. .).

This type of pain inevitably leads to consultation. For the doctor, generally, the diagnosis of tendinitis is quite easy to identify. In case of doubt, the practitioner may request additional examinations.

Authors: Margaret Fran├žois and Dr Nicolas Evrard.

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