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Telemedicine: Reorganization of our health system

The development of telemedicine requires a certain reorganization of our healthcare system, with a real involvement and collaboration of all medical actors, but also administrations and patient associations.

For example, it will be necessary for Health Insurance to recognize the various acts performed through telemedicine; it will also be necessary for physicians or other health professionals to train in this new discipline; It will be necessary for manufacturers to develop tools for a wider service that takes into account telemedicine devices.

Decree on telemedicine

In October 2010, a decree on telemedicine was published in order to recognize and "formalize" telemedicine and its various functions: tele-expertise, teleconsultation, remote monitoring and tele-medical assistance.

This decree generally frames the operating conditions of telemedicine, asking the actors of this discipline to submit to these rules.

This decree indicates that the financing of telemedicine can fall within the framework of the code of social security.

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