Spasmophilia is a psychological disorder that occurs in anxious people. It is a typically French appellation, absent from international diagnostic manuals. In Anglo-Saxon countries, we speak of hyperventilation syndrome.

Spasmophilia preferentially affects women with anxious temperament. Children and teensecents can also be affected. It is not uncommon to find similar cases in the family.

Spasmophilia occurs as a sudden attack. The crisis occurs without warning, with its lot of symptoms variable from one person to another: tingling in the fingers or around the lips, feeling of discomfort, palpitations, sensations of heat or cold, chills, tremor, pain, migraine, visual disturbances, breathing too fast, etc. The duration of the crisis is variable. Unlike epilepsy, spasmophilia crisis is not associated with loss of consciousness. Unless vagal discomfort is associated. Most often, the crisis is triggered by a stressful situation. But the patient is not always aware of it.

Spasmophilia can only be mentioned once the other diagnoses have been eliminated (epileptic seizure, other neurological problem, etc.).

The existence of this disorder remains controversial. Some theoretical schools equate it with a panic attack (in other words, a crisis of anxiety), others with a hysterical conversion. For some, spasmophilia is explained by a deficit in minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, calcium).

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