Allergic rhinitis

Runny nose, repeated sneezing, watery eyes ... are signs of allergic rhinitis. More commonly known as hay fever, allergic rhinitis is a reaction to external components, allergens.

Rhinitis can be seasonal and triggers in response to pollen and often occurs in the spring, but this depends on the flowering period of the plant.

But it can also be chronic (or perennial ) and run all year round if they are allergens present daily in the environment of the person (such as dust mites, animal hair, dust ... ).

Allergy is an inflammatory reaction of the body that considers - wrongly! - as dangerous a substance which normally is harmless. When the body comes in contact with the allergen, it protects itself by triggering a series of biological reactions that lead to allergic manifestations.

Allergic rhinitis is more and more common. They have increased by 20% in twenty years and today about a quarter of the French population is affected.

There is no specific age to develop allergic rhinitis, it can begin at any time of life. However, after age 65, it becomes rare to develop new allergies.

It is often children, adolescents and young adults (18 and 30) who are most affected.

Test: What is your risk of being allergic?

Individual allergic risk depends on many factors. Take our test and discover your personal risk of allergies. Just answer a few questions!

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