Cystic fibrosis: a rare genetic disease

Cystic fibrosis is a potentially serious genetic disease that affects the respiratory and digestive systems. This is one of the most common in France and Western countries.

Cystic fibrosis is a serious, life-threatening disease that begins at birth. However, it can only be detected later, most often before 2 years due to a lack of specificity of the symptoms.

As the disease progresses, the symptoms become disabling and the resulting complications (infectious and respiratory) affect the life expectancy of patients.

In France, 200 children are born each year with cystic fibrosis, an average of 1 in 4, 500 newborns, with strong regional inequalities. The disease is mainly manifested by respiratory and digestive symptoms.

Screening is now systematic. It is performed on the third day after birth, thanks to a blood sample of the newborn.

This screening makes it possible to follow these patients from birth and to reduce the appearance of complications. The treatment and monitoring of cystic fibrosis greatly improves the quality of life of patients with CF.

Today, thanks to advances in research and improved management of this disease, the average life expectancy of a patient is approximately 40 years. While she was only 5 years old in the 1960s!

Sick children born in recent years could even see their life expectancy improved, especially if new treatments are coming soon.

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