Dislocation of the shoulder

A dislocation of the shoulder is a fairly common accident. It requires rapid management to repair, that is to say "reduce" dislocation, and immobilize the arm for several days.

Dislocation of the shoulder corresponds to complete or sometimes partial dislocation, from the root of the arm (top of the humerus) of its attachment to the scapula.

The shoulder is a fairly complex joint that corresponds to the junction between the upper limb and the trunk. This mooring of the arm is done on the clavicle and scapula. The latter has a shallow cavity, the glenoid, with which the head of the humerus is articulated to form the glenohumeral joint, the main articulation of the shoulder.

Other joints of less importance participate in this articular complex of the shoulder (called scapular): the acromioclavicular joint and the sternoclavicular articulation. Because of its very favorable anatomical and geometric characteristics, the glenohumeral joint allows a very large range of movements of the upper limb.

This mobility, however, has a "price": it is the fragility of the shoulder joint, that is to say its instability that can result in dislocation of the shoulder.

The most frequent dislocation of the shoulder is anterior or antero-internal dislocation. This article written by an orthopedic surgeon gives an update on the causes, symptoms and treatments of dislocation of the shoulder.

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