Ectopic pregnancy (GEU)

Ectopic pregnancy (EGU) is a pregnancy that happens abnormally outside the uterus .

Normally, as a result of unprotected intercourse, at the time of ejaculation, sperm are deposited in the vagina, at the edge of the cervix. They then go up through the cervix, then into the body of the uterus, then into the fallopian tubes; there, they can meet an egg and one of the spermatozoa can fertilize it to form an egg. The designed egg will descend into the tube to the body of the uterus where it will settle on its wall and develop for 9 months.

Sometimes the egg is established inside the trunk and develops there. It is the ectopic pregnancy. The symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy can be important, especially if, of course, there are complications like a rupture of the uterine tube.

Some ectopic pregnancies occur in the abdominal cavity or on an ovary, or in the cervix. However, these cases are quite rare.

The USG is a medical emergency, the patient must be taken care of immediately. It can be treated either by medication or by surgery to remove the egg.

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