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The post-natal cure

Pregnancy is a wonderful event, but also a real test for the body.

And close to birth, the young mother has no respite: she devotes herself entirely to her baby; fatigue accumulates, the body is struggling to regain its bearings.

The post-natal care program, with its post-pregnancy care program, provides benefits both physically and psychologically.

The young mother's cure can be practiced from 3 to 8 months after delivery.

Perineal reeducation?

One of the strengths of the post-natal cure is generally to be able to offer perineal rehabilitation with a physiotherapist recommended after a delivery. At the beginning of the treatment, a urogenital assessment allows to see where is the young mother in this rehabilitation. According to this assessment, she will continue the perineal reeducation or will begin the work of the abdominal muscles, for which the perineum must necessarily have been reeducated.

However, it is generally advisable to have completed the perineal rehabilitation before going to thalassot cure, and this for reasons of comfort (to make the most of your stay, better "to be sure" of its perineum), of efficiency (it is more interesting to work the abs in thalasso, because the weight of the water facilitates the exercises), but also for more intimate reasons (the re-education of the perineum makes working an intimate area, also the young mother will be she is more comfortable with a midwife or her personal physiotherapist).

Regarding this issue of perineal reeducation, it is best to discuss it with the thalassotherapy center before booking.

During the post-natal treatment in thalassotherapy, the young mother will participate in gymnastics sessions in the pool to make the body work as a whole. Sessions and breathing will contribute, in turn, to muscle relaxation.

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