Nose surgery: the operation

The operation of the nose surgery is done either under general anesthesia or with local anesthesia + neuroleptanalgesia (tranquilizers administered by injection). It lasts 1 hour minimum.

After making short incisions in each nostril, the surgeon can modify the cartilage that forms the tip of the nose in order to raise it, to move it back, to advance it. It can also remove a lump that distorts the nasal profile, correct deviations of the nasal septum or change the upper bone (at the junction of the forehead and nose) to make it thinner, for example.

Thanks to the operation one can also enhance the bridge of the nose, thanks to a synthetic implant. This type of intervention can be practiced in people who have had a broken nose and wish to "westernize" their nose. Then a plaster is put in place.

It is an intervention in principle not painful. Abnormal pain should lead to reconsultation of the surgeon, they may indicate an infection. Sometimes it is useless to be hospitalized. We enter the morning fasting, and we leave the same evening. In other cases the hospitalization lasts from 24 to 48 hours.

The postoperative course

A plaster is kept 8 to 10 days so that the nose retains its new shape. Edema and bruising often appear on the entire face, and in particular on the lower eyelids, they resorb in about ten days. The plaster removed, a slight edema persists at the level of the root of the nose, but the first results are visible. The nose remains fragile for about 1 month, so any sporting activity should be avoided during this period.

The final result is obtained about one year after the procedure, during which the nose, and especially the tip, continues to refine.

As incisions are made inside the nostrils, the scars are invisible. In some cases, however, a short incision is made above the angle, between the nose and the upper lip, a discrete scar will remain.

The cost of the intervention

Except in case of deviation of the partition or post-traumatic sequelae, the intervention is not supported by social security when the operation is solely for aesthetic purposes. Count between 2500 and 4500 euros, depending on the importance of the intervention and the surgeon. An estimate must be given to the patient before the operation. And a minimum of fifteen days of reflection is mandatory before planning the operation.

Our advices

Before any decision, check with the National Order of Physicians the status of your surgeon.

The first and safest way to make sure you are talking to the right surgeon is to "get the word out".

Do not hesitate to contact several surgeons.

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