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Chiropractic is a manual therapy aimed at keeping the body in its optimal state.

It is based on a unique approach to the body: it takes into account the relationships between the nervous system and the spine, and considers that their disturbances can affect the overall health.

The vocation of the chiropractor is to balance the nervous system, release muscle tension and maintain vital energy.

Chiropractic has this specificity to apprehend the human body in its entirety, a conception at the center of traditional Oriental medicines but which is sorely lacking in our Western medicine.

Act on the spine

The chiropractor works the bones and nerves of the spine and spinal cord.

Chiropractic is based on this principle: good health requires good vertebral hygiene. The spinal cord, nestled in the heart of the spine, is indeed a true "highway of nervous information".

A healthy spine helps restore flexibility and fluidity to the body in its entirety explains Martine Chest, chiropractor.

Specifically, if there is pressure on a spinal nerve, because of a vertebra movement for example, the nerve impulse is bad; the organ that depends on it works less well. A trauma, a bad position ... can cause "vertebral subluxations", which create nerve interferences, muscular tensions and organic disorders.

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