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The nursery: Decoration

Decoration is of course a matter of taste; however, some tips are to remember for the environment of the baby room.

As a general rule, objects must meet the necessary health and safety criteria.

For the floor and wall, choose a washable coating. White walls or pastels for brightness, bright colors but still light enough ... color side, it is to choose Avoid papers with too many patterns and lights (too much visual stress may tire the baby). For the soil, carpets are discouraged: they are true "mite nests", microscopic animals that would promote the subsequent development of allergic asthma.

Once the decoration is in place, take care not to over-transform it. To get used to his room, the child needs benchmarks.

The lighting

The first weeks, you will surely see your baby at night. Provide soft lighting, such as a bedside lamp, or even better, a dimmable ceiling light to avoid dazzling baby. You can also install an intercom to monitor it when you are in another room.


It must be 18 ° to 19 °. Remember to humidify the ambient air, by putting a bowl of water on the radiator or humidifier. Be sure to ventilate the room regularly by opening the window as soon as possible.

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