Cesarean section: how is it?

Caesarean section is a surgical technique used to get a baby out of his mother's womb, when childbirth is impossible or even dangerous, by the natural low pathways.

The word " caesarean " derives from the Latin verb caedere which means cut, incise, and which would be related to the name of Julius Caesar. The legend says that, not supporting the suffering of Cleopatra at the time of his birth, he would have himself taken his sword to open the belly of his beautiful and take out his child!

The first caesarean section with maternal survival dates from the 18th century. But it is really since the advent of antibiotics that the technique has begun to be controlled.

In France, the practice of cesarean section has greatly increased in recent decades, the proportion of births by caesarean section from about 10% in 1981, to about 21 % in 2010 *: about one out of five births is therefore by cesarean section. This may seem a lot, but we can see much higher figures for some of our European neighbors (in Germany or Switzerland, for example, the caesarean section rate is over 30%!).

Caesarean section is therefore frequently used nowadays, and techniques have largely evolved in recent years: no more vertical scar in the middle of the abdomen, more necessarily general anesthesia, no more systematic discarding of the father, more than separation with the baby ... In short, the current operative technique often allows to live well the birth of his baby by cesarean section. And that to such an extent that some women come to claim a caesarean section to their obstetrician, for a better comfort!
In contrast, women live badly this cesarean delivery ...

But beware: even if caesarean section has become a commonplace intervention, it is not without risk . It must be emphasized that experiences and feelings differ greatly from one woman to another: while some women prefer a cesarean birth to a vaginal birth, other women fear or even reject the idea. of such a surgical procedure.

But then, in which cases does one advise a cesarean? How exactly is it going? And what are the possible dangers and complications of this intervention?

Indications and progress, emergency cesarean section or caesarean section, risks and postoperative ... Find answers to all your questions in our file!

And do not miss the gynecological interview: Dr. Jean Thévenot, gynecologist-obstetrician, shared his experience and his advice with us ...

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* EURO-PERISTAT report on perinatal health data in 2010

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