Bulimia: an eating disorder to be taken seriously

Nothing to do with a big cravings, the bulimia is defined by the repetition of the crises of bulimia and the suffering that it generates. And contrary to what we think, the pleasure of eating is absent. We take stock of this all too common disease.

In a bulimic crisis, only one thing matters to this person: to eat as much food as possible. This is called compulsive behavior, against which the person in pain has great difficulty struggling. At the root of this disorder is most often a lack of self-esteem associated with concerns about body image.

Bulimia begins most often as a teenager, but can start later in your thirties. The diagnosis of bulimia is made on the regularity of seizures (at least once a week) and on the association with purging lines, such as voluntary vomiting, physical hyperactivity, laxatives, etc. All designed to lose weight or maintain a stable weight despite bouts of bulimia.

Bulimia represents with anorexia a eating disorder. If the two diseases are opposed, apparently, they often overlap. Their management relies substantially on the same treatments based on psychotherapy and food rehabilitation.

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Author: Dr. Ada Picard

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