Hair removal

Each skin is particular, the best is to try the different methods to find the one that suits you best.

In addition to this sheet, read our files:
> Waxing: all the techniques under the magnifying glass.
> Hyperpilosity: solutions exist.

The razor

Fast, simple, economical, it's the most used way.
The razor cuts the hair at the root, the regrowth is faster; a perfect result requires a shave every 2 days.
Razors are more and more sophisticated (multiple blades, ergonomic shape, swivel head, aloe vera diffuser) and allow an easy and safe shave. A shaving product will limit the irritating effect of the blade and leave skin hydrated.


Hot, cold or oriental, the wax pulls the hair at its root and thus allows a lasting depilation (2 to 3 weeks).

Hot wax is the most effective because it dilates the pores of the skin. Presented in balls, pot or roll-on, it is heated in a bain-marie or in the microwave. Beware of burns; always check the temperature of the wax. Hot wax is not recommended for people with varicose veins or venous insufficiency.

Cold wax is less effective than hot wax; the hairs pull out less well and break more easily.

Oriental wax, formerly home made from sugar, water and lemon, is now available in pots, strips or roll-ons. The risks of allergy are extremely rare, but it can be irritating. More difficult to use because less adherent to the hair, it is reserved for experts.

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