Describing female orgasm is something that can be difficult as subjective feelings of pleasure, well-being and satiety are mixed up with the discharge of certain neuro-mediators from our brain centers on this occasion. To put it simply, the female orgasm would be the cascade of cerebral and bodily (muscular) phenomena that occur at a certain moment, the enjoyment would be the set of subjective phenomena felt on this occasion.

The woman has an organ exclusively for sexual pleasure: the clitoris. Proper stimulation is able to cause pleasure, then an orgasm. Standing up has progressively changed the sex of women, and the clitoris has moved away from the vaginal entrance and is no longer directly excitable by the penis during intercourse.

Many women are also able to feel an orgasm through vaginal penetration and there is still a debate about what is stimulated during penetration. Finally, other practices are able to lead women to orgasm such as sodomy for some, fantasy, the practice of contractions of the muscles surrounding the vagina, stimulation of the nipples, etc.

Authors: Pr Jacques Lansac, gynecologist at Tours University Hospital, and Dr Nicolas Evrard.
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