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Ejaculation: delaying ejaculation

Delaying ejaculation is the goal of many men. Without necessarily suffering from premature ejaculation, men may aim to differ somewhat the ultimate moment of their pleasure, the goal being to enjoy a little longer of the present moment (which will also be particularly appreciated by the partner. ..). And of course, men complaining of premature ejaculation will look for ways to delay ejaculation .

In case of premature ejaculation, the doctor must first know if the disorder is primary (ie, existing since the beginning of sexual intercourse), or secondary (that is, occurring after the reports have gone through without this problem, in which case the opinion of a doctor is important to look for a problem, such as an infection, a psychological disorder ...

One thing is certain, to better control ejaculation, and to be able to delay it, the experience is essential. Thus, mastering ejaculation is more accessible with age. In fact, some of the tips listed below are usually the result of this experience:

  • Choosing the right positions is essential and allows you to better control the excitement. Prefer the Andromache position or the position of the spoons on the contrary, avoid certain positions like the doggy position. In fact, this will be the result of everyone's experience. Some positions excite more the psyche of the man, or stimulate more the penis ... which in the end accelerates the occurrence of the ejaculation.
  • The practice of squeezing: the partner or the man himself can put pressure on the penis brake when the man feels that he reaches his limit.
  • The masturbation before the report to reduce the excitement and therefore allows to hold longer.
  • Delaying condoms reduce penis sensations.
  • Think of something non-exciting to delay the excitement, as a last resort because not necessarily easy and unpleasant for the partner.
  • If all these methods prove to be ineffective, perineal reeducation can help to achieve the goal. This re-education to contract the muscles around the anus.

In case of premature ejaculation, without being able to delay it by the application of some advice, it is recommended to consult a general practitioner or uro-andrologist. Do not rush straight into a half-scientific half-guru psy as we discover so much on the Internet. It is better to be addressed by his doctor who is in contact with a sexologist or a psychologist he knows. This specialist gives valuable advice, exercises to perform, and helps the man through a kind of behavioral therapy. Last tip: Avoid buying products on the internet that would be able to delay ejaculation or that pretends to other improbable sexual performance.

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