Vaginal infection: the causes

The vagina, just like our mouth or nose, is not sterile and has harmless micro-organisms (such as bacteria and fungi) as long as the flora is balanced.

Several external causes can disturb this equilibrium and thus expose us to various ills.

For example, taking antibiotics in case of illness, destroys the "bad" bacteria, but also the "good" vaginal bacteria that protect us. The balance of the vaginal flora is broken, the fungi that were present in a limited way will be able to develop, and because of this, a vaginal infection may set in.

Sometimes vaginal infections are due to sexual activity, including intercourse with a partner who is infected. It is therefore important to use a condom to limit the transmission of infections.

The use of deodorants or sanitary products can cause allergies, and at the same time promote a vaginal infection.

Hormonal variations (menstruation, pregnancy, menopause) can promote the occurrence of a vaginal infection.

Contrary to popular belief, one does not "catch" a vaginal infection by going to the pool. But the antiseptic products contained in the water are sometimes aggressive for fragile mucous membranes.

As for public toilets, the risk of contracting a vaginal infection is extremely minimal ...

Vaginal discharge: when should you worry?

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