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Intimate hygiene: And at the girl's house?

Following the interview of Dr. Anne de Kervasdoué, gynecologist.

What advice to give for the intimate toilet of a little girl?

Dr. Anne de Kervasdoué : The girl's vagina is well closed. It is therefore naturally protected. There is nothing to do. Above all, do nothing else! No special toilet. And no worries: as we have just seen, the vagina is self-cleaning.

And at a little girl ... bigger?

Dr. AK : When the little girl has grown up and becomes a girl, at the time of puberty, it's time to teach her the right things. It is at the time of puberty that will start its vaginal secretions. His hormones are boiling. His body is changing. This is where she has to take good habits. It must then be explained to him that this part of his body is more fragile and deserves special care.

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