Genital herpes: practical advice

Here are some practical tips for preventing and protecting yourself from genital herpes.

To protect yourself

The condom is not 100% reliable to protect against genital herpes, but it is still a good choice if you do not have a stable partner. And most importantly, it protects against other sexually transmitted infections!

One towel

To avoid contaminations between members of the same family, everyone must have their own bath linen.

No report during crises

During episodes of recurrence, we are particularly contagious. Better to avoid sex for a few days.

Relieve yourself in the water

Not very glamorous but to relieve pain at the time of urination, there is only one solution: it is advisable to urinate directly into the water.

Avoid creams

Local anti-viral treatments are not effective. In addition, they sometimes tend to delay the healing of lesions.

The advice of the specialist doctor

Interview with Professor Philippe Judlin, Head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of Nancy Regional Motherhood.

Are there risk factors that may promote the development of genital herpes?

Often patients feel guilty, they feel dirty. But this disease can affect everyone, men or women, young or older, regardless of their background. Unlike the papillomavirus (responsible for cervical cancer) that is more easily caught early in your sex life, you can be infected with herpes at any time. The only risk factor is the number of total partners one will have in one's life. Because the more unprotected sex you have with different partners, the more likely you are to become infected.

What are the risks of infecting your child during pregnancy?

During the nine months of pregnancy, there is almost no risk. Contamination occurs at the time of delivery. But it is far from systematic. To do this, the mother must have a first infection just a few days before delivery (a cesarean section may be considered). If it is a recidivism, the risk is lower. And if the mother has a seizure during pregnancy, she can be treated with antivirals. Once a child is born, avoid having someone with oral herpes kiss the infant.

Testimony of Isabelle, 29 years old.

"When I had my first crisis, it was so bad that I had to go to ER. When I knew it was genital herpes, I felt dirty, as if dirty. And above all, I immediately thought that my boyfriend, with whom I had been for several months, had sent it to me. I accused him of cheating on me. He could make sure that was not the case, I could not help suspecting it ... until the day I consulted a doctor who explained to me that the virus could have remained silent for years.

Despite everything, even reassured, I remained stuck. The memory of the pain prevented me from having sex for several weeks. "

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