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Hallux Valgus: the causes

The precise causes of a hallux valgus are not obvious, in any case are not clearly defined. Contrary to popular belief, hallux valgus is not related to shoes too tight, too pointed or too high, other causes are at its origin. As proof, we find in the same proportion, in populations that walk barefoot!

Among the factors playing a role in the appearance of a hallux valgus, we find:

  • Genetics: the most common form of hallux valgus has a very strong family tendency. The affected people usually have a bone structure a bit special, with an angle between the first and second metatarsal, too large. These deformities are all the more accentuated as one suffers from ligamentous hyperlaxity.
  • Sex: women hold almost the monopoly of affection ...
  • The environment: Wearing tight shoes or ballet shoes, too early, tends to accentuate the phenomenon.
  • In rare cases, the hallux valgus can be post-traumatic, after the rupture of fibers of the joint capsule.
  • Some neurological causes can also cause a hallux valgus, by paralysis of certain muscles.

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