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Halitosis: solutions to bad breath

This is a subject that is hard to talk about. A taboo subject, whether we are concerned or not: halitosis , more commonly known as " bad breath" is a pathology that affects many people, more or less important.

The word "halitosis" comes from the Latin halitus meaning breath and Greek osis meaning disease or disorder. This is the medical term used to talk about bad breath. Often, this phenomenon is temporary, and resolves itself naturally after 2 to 3 days.

But sometimes, halitosis is recurrent or not very persistent, or is particularly strong, which can cause a significant psycho-social impact in the person who suffers.

Different perceptions

We must distinguish between true halitosis and pseudo-halitosis. Pseudo-halitosis affects people who think they have bad breath. They consult to reassure themselves and know the truth, and to benefit from a possible treatment. Some patients remain convinced of having bad breath, even after a precise diagnosis. We will then speak of "halitophobia".

Some people, on the contrary, do not perceive their bad breath, and it is then the entourage who can detect and report it

The causes of bad breath are diverse, but once this origin is identified, the treatment can be effective. Do not hesitate to consult, starting by overcoming your embarrassment to talk about this problem with your doctor or dentist.

To see: our video on bad breath (halitosis):

Bad breath is an annoying problem that concerns many people. What are the causes ? And how to fix it? The answers in this interview with a gastroenterologist.

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Author: Clémentine Fitaire.
Expert Consultant: Dr. Blanche Rosenblum Beer Gabel, Dentist.

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